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Fundraising tips

Fundraising for the OSNS Legacy Foundation is an exciting way for you to make an impact.  Hosting your own fundraiser can be as simple as having a bake sale, or as exciting as hosting a concert or golf tournament. The options are endless. The key is to find an event or activity that you are passionate about and one that your friends, family and colleagues will support. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Celebrate : Donate your birthday or anniversary money to the OSNS Legacy Foundation or ask for donations in lieu of gifts.


Community Event: Your event can be as simple as a lemonade stand, or as elaborate as a gala fundraiser!


Athletic/Endurance : Host an athletic tournament or participate in an existing triathlon or 5K.


School Events : Looking for a fun and meaningful school project? Bring your classmates together for a spirit day or bake sale.


Workplace : Bring your colleagues together - have a company BBQ.

In Honour or Memory : Fundraise or create a fundraising event in memory or honour of someone special.


Be Creative : Coordinate a Paint Party, host a Battle of the Bands, or come up with something brand new and unique to you!

maximize donations

We want your fundraiser to be fun and successful. Reach out to your network of contacts, including your family, friends, colleagues and classmates. Follow these steps to make your fundraiser a success:

  1. Lead by Example: Donate to your own fundraiser! Your supporters will be more eager to give when they see how dedicated you are to raising funds for the OSNS Legacy Foundation.

  2. Get Personal: Add a photo and share why you’re raising funds for the OSNS Legacy Foundation. Your network will feel more connected once they know your story.

  3. Ask for Support By Email: Email is a quick and easy way to reach your network. 

  4. Shout it Out on Social: Create an event or page on Facebook and invite all of your friends. Utilize all of your social media accounts to drive people to your fundraising page.

  5. Follow Up: Did you know that it usually takes three asks before someone donates? People are busy and need to be reminded, so don’t be afraid to ask!

  6. Say Thanks: Tell your donors how much their support means to you. Remember to say thanks when you receive a gift.