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Building a Legacy for Future Generations

Ensuring Quality Care for Children of the South Okanagan

why does the legacy foundation need you?

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The mission of the OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre (“OSNS”) is to maximize the developmental growth, emotional health and creative capacity of children in the South Okanagan Similkameen through early treatment and family care. For over 40 years, through sheer determination and incredible effort, the OSNS has lived this mission. Treatment programs, such as speech and language pathology, psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and autism intervention, assist over 1,629 children annually at OSNS. The demand for these vital programs is great and growing.

Government plays an important role but falls short of providing the necessary operating expenses. As a result, the Centre must spend a phenomenal amount of time, energy and resources to fundraise each year for the Centre to cover its operating costs and provide innovative programs. This time, energy and resources is much better spent on fulfilling the OSNS’s mission of helping as many children and youth as possible.

Philanthropy can secure life changing long term improvements for children. A donation to the OSNS Legacy Foundation would help address the financial inequity that the OSNS faces each year and allow the Centre to focus on its core mission.

what is the legacy foundation trying to accomplish?

The objective of the Foundation is to ease the financial burden that the OSNS faces each year. The goal is to establish an endowment fund, created by way of charitable donations from people like you, that help fund necessary operations and innovations of the Centre. The hope and expectation are that the Foundation’s fund will grow to a size that will not only meet the immediate financial requirements of the OSNS, but that it will facilitate the growth of the Centre so that each child receives specialized compassionate care for generations to come.

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what are the potential tax benefits of my donation? 

The Foundation is a registered charity for tax purposes. A charitable receipt will be issued for each type of donation, which may include:

  • Cash donations, which are eligible for the Charitable Tax Credit.

  • Donations of marketable securities, such as stocks and bonds, and certain types of real estate. A Charitable Tax Credit is available for the fair market value of these kinds of donations. In addition, the Income Tax Act allows for the elimination of any tax on the accrued gain for these types of charitable donations.

  • Donations of life insurance policies. Charitable Tax Credits are available for the fair market value of the policy as well as the ongoing premium payments.


There are many creative ways to donate. 

See what kind of donation makes sense for you.


Make a Monthly Donation

Your monthly donation will help sustain services year-round and you’ll receive one tax receipt for your total year’s contributions.


Make a One-Time Donation

Your one-time donation will go to work immediately to help the Foundation. meet OSNS's most urgent needs


Say Thanks 

Donate in honour of a clinician, staff member or volunteer to show your appreciation and help us care for the vulnerable children and families we serve


Gift in Honour

Donate to honour someone special and send either an e-card or printed card informing the recipient or family of your gift.


Gift in Memory

Donate in memory of someone special and send either an e-card or printed card informing the family of your gift.


Gifts of Securities

Donate a gift of stocks, bonds or other publically traded securities. 


Make an Impact

Major gifts are investments in impact. They have the power to make a measurable and sustainable difference at the OSNS. Your transformational investment can improve our clinical spaces, upgrade our technology and equipment   impacting our ability to deliver treatment to children experiencing development changes

Planned Giving

Will bequests, gifts of securities and insurance gifts are thoughtful ways for you to play a larger role in helping the OSNS. You have the power to make a lasting impact on our shared community by making a planned gift to the OSNS.

We know that the experiences of children starting at birth affect lifelong outcomes. We increasingly understand the importance of social emotional learning and family support in the development of brain architecture and development of resiliency. And we take seriously our role in that journey for each child who comes to us.

Additional ways to Make an impact

Start A Campaign - Fundraise for the OSNS Legacy Foundation

Hosting an event in support of the OSNS is quick and easy.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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Sporting Event / Tournament


Celebrating your generosity

The OSNS Legacy Foundation is committed to a relentless spirit of inquiry and improvement. We strive to provide efficient quality care and to advocate for resources to meet and compassionately respond to the vulnerabilities of our children and families. With this plan, we pledge to be champions of collaboration within and beyond our organization.


We are grateful to each and every one of our supporters, for understanding the central role that the OSNS Child & Youth Development Centre  plays in providing rehabilitative treatment to children with developmental needs within our community. 


Community gratitude

“My four year old attends Kinderplace Preschool at OSNS. The preschool teachers continue to amaze us during the COVID-19 pandemic as they do all they can to keep the children engaged and active in the preschool program. He also attends Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy which has had a positive impact on his development. All the staff at OSNS are really supportive and excellent educators.        We are lucky to have them in our life! "

- Amanda 

"Our son has received Occupational and Physiotherapy at OSNS.  He sees his clinician in regular blocks.  Since starting at OSNS he is now able to pick up a pen/felt/crayon and can colour a picture, although sometimes on the wall, but before he would avoid it at all costs.  His speech has blossomed as has his personality.  We are so indebted to OSNS and all the wonderful people that work with him."

- Kristie

"OSNS has been in my life since I moved to the Okanagan in 1990. Firstly at Kinderplace for my daughters, who thrived and learnt compassion for other children through the shared teaching environment in the preschool and secondly as the providers of developmental services for the patients I assessed through my paediatric practice. I have marvelled at the energy of the staff and leadership of the Executive Directors. Manisha has led the expansion of the programs and ensured the Centre continues to meet the changing needs of our community of little people as they grow into their teen years."

- Dr. Kathy Gross - Paediatrician

"We have been so fortunate that our son has found OSNS. The growth and friendship that he's built with his buddies and teachers is so heartwarming.  It is a place that understands the importance of play and builds on developmental skills for the next stage by working "with" your child! There is something to be said when working with a team of occupational therapists, speech therapists and all around amazing teachers that are there for your child and as a parent you can't ask for anything more!" 

- Mandy

"The OSNS staff are kind, caring, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable.  Every day, I hear examples from families about how their OSNS therapists “went above and beyond for their kids” to accommodate their individual needs and to help them to learn and grow.  I feel so fortunate to have the OSNS as part of our community and feel confident that my patients and their families will receive excellent care when I refer them there."

- Dr. Miriam Oliver - Paediatrician

"My daughter, has attended Preschool at OSNS for the past two years. She is very quiet and nervous about new situations and when she started preschool we were worried that she wouldn’t like going. Because of the Early Childhood Educators at KinderPlace and their mindful attention to her needs she loves preschool days! I recommend OSNS to other families because their child will be entering a caring, supportive environment where they will be taught the skills that will prepare them for kindergarten. "

- Becky